Top 10 Miranda Lambert Songs about Brutal, Brutal Revenge

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Ma'am, please step away from the acoustic guitar.
I don't come by country music fandom naturally; people who do tell me that there are many reasons to enjoy the music of Miranda Lambert. But the most accessible route to Miranda Lambert appreciation ahead of Thursday's concert at Desert Sky Pavilion, so far as I can tell, is through her songs about taking a vicious and final revenge on men who have done her or someone else wrong.

Here, then, are 10 of those songs. Please be careful around her.

10. Time to Get a Gun

Time to get a gun
That's what I've been thinking
I could afford one
If I did just a little less drinking
Time to put something
Between me and the sun
When the talking is over
It's time to get a gun

When the party is over
It's time to get a gun

This is more a prequel to revenge than actual revenge, but once she gets the gun she puts it to good use. Note to self: Do not let the party be over.

9. Sin for a Sin

By the don't-show-Jaws-right-away principle, it is even more unnerving when Miranda Lambert does not immediately explain what her revenge is.

I remember vividly what that vision did to me
You laying with her in our bed
Love can be a tradgedy
When you do what you did to me
All I'm seeing now is red

I need to repent
A sin for a sin

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