Markus Schulz - The Venue Scottsdale - 5/10/13

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Markus Schulz The Venue Scottsdale Friday, May 10, 2013

Three sets within five hours can be a bit ambitious for most. Sometimes the line-up just isn't your thing. But it was hard to be steered wrong by the Markus Schulz SCREAM tour, with Schulz and support from KhoMha and The M Machine.

Walking into the venue, I immediately knew that a long and eventful night was under way. And I have to admit that this definitively upped my night after I'd just finished some job training. I thought that there was no way I could get out of my tired funk, but as soon as I stepped into The Venue that was all swept away by excitement and acknowledgement of the amount of talent that was in store last night.

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KhoMha got the party started with an uplifting and progressive house and trance-ish groove. And, of course, his rendition of Showtek's "Cannonball" for the next act. Already the shuffling, LED glove light shows and handing shooting into the air were taking off. The crowd continued to grow dense throughout the set, and Schulz's time at the decks was still more than two hours away.


The M Machine trio DJ/production set nailed it. Their visual show captivated me from the opening song; the only way to describe the graphics on the huge LED screen behind the trio is that if someone were on a date with Lucy, they may have just found their true love or perhaps deeply confused and sucked into to some sort of mind warp.

On top of their visual performance,The M Machine has mastered the art of keyboards, singing, and DJing altogether for one glorious sound. They made sure to drop their own version of "Take a Walk" by Passion Pit without including a Taco Bell Instagram BS commercialism-style visual show. And let it be said, admittedly, that if an artist whips out Passion Pit, he's typically moved to my "amazing musicians list." Sorry that recognition isn't so broad-reaching as being named America's Best DJ, but I think it's at least a compliment.

Unlike most EDM shows that I have been to most recently, I was granted VIP access. Just in case you were wondering that means: I could go upstairs to view the show while looking down onto the crowd and the DJ. Yay me? Regardless of where I was, the crowd's reaction always summarizes the show -- the people truly tell it all. And the crowd just loved it; they were amped for Schulz to take to the stage.

At approximately midnight, Schulz walked up to the deck with both hands in the air, leading the crowd to make the same gesture back. Cue the part where everyone said that same cheesy line in their heads, but was proud of it anyway: "America's Best DJ is in the building."

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