Markus Schulz: Arizona Is "Nostalgic," But "It Saddens Me"

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DJ Markus Schulz
Markus Schulz, the winner of 2012's America's Best DJ will be making a return appearance to Scottsdale, his old stomping grounds, on May 10 at The Venue. After residing for some time in Arizona as a resident DJ, Schulz plans to bring the party back home for his North American Scream bus tour.

Lots of DJs have stories worth telling, but not many begin in a breakdance crew. Up On The Sun spoke with Markus Schulz about that, his rise in the U.S., and how Scottsdale still holds a big place in his heart.

Up On The Sun: I understand Germany had a huge breakdance scene back in the day, and lots of people transitioned into EDM from it. I've heard you got into the scene that way, is that true?

Markus Schulz: Oh, it's just those kinds of people. You know what the funny thing is as a break-dancer--[while] making my mix-tape and mix-tapes for my crew, I started DJing in nightclubs, because one of the club managers heard me playing at one of the numerous breakdance parties.

So he liked it and had me come into the club. Playing at the club, I started to play Top 40 music, and from the Top 40 music I starting getting tired and burnt out. Then I started playing in gay clubs, and from there I was discovered and started playing at raves. That kind of evolved to where it is now.

I mean it wasn't like when I was playing at break dance parties I was thinking, like, "Oh, this is my goal. This is what I want to play." Everything just kind of evolved. It's like I got bored of one thing and graduated to the next.

That's awesome; do you think you'll ever bust out and breakdance during your set?

[Laughs] That would be funny.

Take it into consideration [laughs]. I know you currently reside in Miami... when did you decide to head out there? It's a great scene for EDM, of course.

After the jump: "I don't know what it is about Arizona, but it seems like the scene grows, grows, and grows, and it's amazing, and then everyone that made the scene happen moves on to another big city."

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Jeff Ramon
Jeff Ramon

No. TWiNGiANT isn't moving. This scene has more potential than you think.

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