MC Magic: Lana Del Rey Goes From Viral Fame to The Great Gatsby

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"Will you still love me when I'm no longer young and beautiful?" asks Lana Del Rey in the chorus of her latest song, "Young and Beautiful" -- the first single from The Great Gatsby's soundtrack.

Del Rey teamed up with the film's director, cowriter, and co-producer, Baz Luhrmann, to bring us another soulful entree. Listen (and watch) with me after the jump.

Del Rey's heartfelt delivery on the new single draws me in, just as it's done in some of her earlier hits. But it was a long road there for this talented artist, who went from singing in New York clubs to signing with a record company only to see her project shelved.


Her career got back on track when some of the YouTube videos she'd uploaded herself made a huge viral impact; since then, it's looked like it was only the start of an impressive rise to commercial success.

It doesn't hurt that the H&M clothing model is a striking beauty, reminiscent of Julia Roberts in her mid-20s. She's developed a sensual style and delivery on her songs, almost seducing her listeners, and it shows: If you plan to make a negative comment on her latest YouTube video, be prepared for a huge backlash from her ever-so-loyal fans, whose unconditional support is helping her cross over from underground-fabulous to mainstream fame.

It's almost as if her writing style is giving a voice to the views of those defensive adolescent girls. But the first time I heard a Lana Del Rey song was when my 16-year-old son Daniel was in search of inspiring music for his latest skate park edit, which gives me the notion that it's not just young girls taking notice of her sound.

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