John Williams Is Coming to Phoenix; Here Are His Five Most Iconic Scores

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Legendary film composer John Williams is scheduled to appear at a benefit performance by the Phoenix Symphony on September 28. It's not like he needs to tour to help raise money for his kids' college fund, and he's probably busy with the Jurassic Park IV and new Star Wars soundtracks. There's no reason for him to perform in Phoenix aside from the pure love of it.

We're just thankful Williams is making an appearance, and that he'll stick to his film scores. The music will be accompanied by film clips, so anticipate lots of Spielberg flicks. What's even cooler is that all proceeds will go to The Phoenix Symphony's Education and Community Outreach programs, even though tickets range from $90 to $500.

We're excited enough about his visit that we took a look at his five most iconic film scores. Check them out after the jump.

Harry Potter

Williams scored the first three Harry Potter films, establishing the franchise's most memorable songs in the process. No disrespect to Patrick Doyle, but how often do you hear teens getting excited about the maze song from Goblet of Fire, which just so happens to be the least popular Harry Potter song on Spotify?

The song most fans associate with Harry Potter is called "Hedwig's Theme." A variation of the melody played every time something magical happened--you can hear it again in "Prologue" and "Lumos!" The whimsy of the song seems to perfectly encapsulate the Weasley twins acting up, or Harry discovering Quidditch.

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