Google Play Music All Access Is the Goofiest-Sounding Spotify Competitor Ever

Google Play Music All Access
There's a new Spotify competitor in town, and its name is -- take a breath here, if you're reading out loud -- Google Play Music All Access. What separates it from Spotify, besides the increased time it will take to type (or speak into your Google Glass)? It always costs money -- $9.99 a month, after a 30-day free trial.

That is probably not the differentiating feature streaming-music consumers were looking for.

In Google's defense, it's a very attractive app, bedecked in the most current Android UI cues and looking a little more like something you should pay for than Spotify usually does. But the trojan horse that got Spotify into America in the first place was free music -- even more of it than it offered in Europe.

Even though it makes the company no money, Spotify continues to offer Americans who'd leapt early onto the pay-per-download model all the free music (and advertisements) they can stomach.

Google Play Music All Access -- that seriously is its name -- isn't really a Spotify competitor so long as it's $9.99 out the door and only available on PCs and Android phones. Which means that the goal for GPMAA -- that seriously is its acronym -- probably isn't to beat Spotify (or Rdio or Pandora, etc.), at least not at first.

If I had to guess, their goal is this: To finally eke a little money out of Android, the operating system they created, which has created a ton of profit for Samsung and basically nobody else, Google included.

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Up On The Sun
Up On The Sun

Personally, I think I would need one that takes into account just how much time I spend with a bunch of Bandcamp windows open.

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