Should You Buy FYF Fest Tickets This Year?

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You'll also be able to hear this live.

The festival itself has a great set up, with four stages set up in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. The location is a bit smaller than the standard festival, meaning that you can still actually see the performers from a reasonable distance. In previous years, FYF has invited food trucks to the festival, providing tons of options. McDowell Mountain Music Festival did this this year, and it worked out great.

FYF beats out Coachella in at least one way: There are plenty of things to do in Los Angeles. Unlike Indio, the city doesn't shut down at 9 p.m.. There are actually decent 24-hour restaurants like LA Café, which is a mile or two away from the venue. Los Angeles State Historic park is right by the Metro, making transportation a lot more convenient than Coachella as well.

According to Google Maps, downtown Phoenix and Los Angeles State Historic Park are 372 miles away, making it a five-and-a-half hour drive if you go with minimal traffic and don't speed. You could probably get there in five hours, but please don't blame your speeding tickets on us.

If you have a decent car, you'll probably go through two tanks of gas. It's old news, but gas is super-expensive in California -- but it won't be too bad if you gas up somewhere in the Inland Empire. If you ride with three friends, the gas and hotel costs will be negligible.

That brings us back to the first question--should you buy a ticket? Two day passes are $99; if I recall correctly, with service charges last year it came to $117 or so. I think My Bloody Valentine, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Breeders, and Beach House alone are worth $100, and a bunch of the other bands are just icing on the cake. Plus, aren't you curious to see if MGMT still sucks live?

If you do end up going, tickets go on sale at noon PST on Thursday, May 16 on FYF Fest's website.

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not even mentioning death grips? congratulations on having shit taste in music, loser


Plus you can stay in little tokyo and eat ramen every night.  Its only 2 stops away on the train

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