Four Must-See Local DJs at This Weekend's Dirty Disco in Peoria

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Clockwise from top left: Sam Groove, Louder, Josh Evans, and CIK.
Listen up, local party monsters and EDM fans. There are a few things you'll definitely need before going wild out at the massive outdoor dance fiesta and electronica rager known as Dirty Disco tomorrow evening. First, make sure to sport a colorful and eye-catching ensemble that you don't mind getting a bit sweaty or dusty, as the 12-hour-long event on Saturday at Canyon Speedway Park in Peoria will be recorded for posterity.

Oh, and don't forget to bring a mellow attitude and plentiful supply of glowing playthings or other illuminated flowtoys to help light up the night while moving to the beat buffet laid down by close to a dozen local DJs, including electro specialist Damien Helzcoming, dubstep freak Jay Spark, happy hardcore she-jay Maromi, and psytrance wizard Alpha1. There's plenty of others scheduled to perform tomorrow -- including several local DJs we've featured before as a part of DJ Dossier.

Hit the jump for more info on some of the talent at Dirty Disco on Saturday, such as headliner Josh Evans, co-promoter Sam Groove, and rave fave David "CIK" Sankey.


Josh Evans

Preferred genres: I specialize in trance music, with hints of progressive and electro.

How did you get into the DJ game?
After discovering EDM, I found myself grabbing any mix albums I could. This introduced me to many artists and genres, and I became fascinated with the way the songs were intertwined. I wanted to learn how to do the same. That was around 1998. Soon after, I picked up my first set of turntables.

How are you different from local rank-and-file DJs?
I try to set myself apart by creating a set that will include sounds that people won't be able to hear from someone else: unique mash-ups and remixes, along with my own original productions.

How do you create energy in your mixes?
I believe energy is created when the DJ plays for the room; when a unique "story" is shaped and built for the crowd and the room and that particular night.

Where have you performed locally?
I've performed at a variety of venues, most notably at Axis-Radius and Wild Knight in Scottsdale, and the Phoenix Convention Center.

What's your best experience as a DJ?
One of my best experiences was performing at the 2012 Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas for the Discovery Project. It was my first out-of-state booking, and such an amazing opportunity to share my music on a much larger scale.

Next: Rave DJ extraordinaire Dave "CIK" Sankey discusses getting dissed.

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Canyon Speedway Park

9777 W. Carefree Highway, Peoria, AZ

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