The Departed's Cody Canada: Cross Canadian Ragweed "Is Over"

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We treat it just like we've always treated music and we make a different set list every night because you never know, there might be somebody who was there the night before. If you play the same set over and over it starts turning into a job. We want to make them feel comfortable and be able to sit up there and listen to music and have a good time whether you've had a bad week or you've had a good day.

How do you feel you've grown musically from Cross Canadian Ragweed to The Departed?

I think the most growth that I've experienced in the last three years is with guitar. I've always wanted to sit back and play guitar while somebody else is singing, not the whole time, but [sometimes]. I love singing and everything, but every now and then I want a break and want to be able to rip on some guitar.

So being with Seth, I've learned stuff that I never thought I could do. I've learned a lot of different chords, and different ways of approaching a song to write it. Now the writing process is all in house. There's times when we sit down and one of us will come up with an idea and we just run with it. Either it gets written right then or we will wait on it a bit.

What do you find fulfilling from performing with The Departed that you didn't get with Cross Canadian Ragweed?

It really is the same. I don't compare one as being more fun than the other because it's music. That's the one thing I feel like I was put here to do, because it's the only thing I know how to do. There were nights with Ragweed that I will never forget and then there are nights with The Departed, pretty much every night, that I'll never forget. I think musically there can be a comparison, but experience-wise it's the same, because we get to play our music and travel all over the place. With The Departed we've already been to Germany and Ireland twice and we never got to do that with Ragweed. We did go to France once and that was it.

I was a fan myself of the new album, Adventus, and it seems like it was received very well by critics and other fans. Are you happy with the response?

I'm very happy about it. I'm glad that we put the cover record out first so we could concentrate on this. If we would have put the original record out first, some of the songs wouldn't have been on there. We had time to sit down and really go over it with a microscope. There's always going to be something with a record that you don't dig, but with this album we didn't rush any of it. We cared about it. There are a lot of people who go in and just bust out a record and get out. I was very happy to see critics and fans dig it because we put so much work in to it. It was very nice to be rewarded and hear people say they liked it.

After the tour is over, what do you have planned next?

Once we get home to Texas we will have a gig and then two days off then we hit the road again. So we really don't have time off until June. We're always on the road.

Do you see anything happening with Cross Canadian Ragweed in the future?

No. No, just because it ran its course. We started [The Departed] because Jeremy and I weren't done playing music. It's been three years now and I still keep in contact with Randy [Ragsdale; drummer for Cross Canadian Ragweed] every now and then but we just moved on.

It was fun to play those songs and we still play some of those songs every night to just mix it up. It just got pretty monotonous for a while, and I love everybody in that band and everything we got to do, but it just started getting stale.

Everybody knew it, and everybody felt it. Now, everything is brand new again. We're all so laid back. Nobody complains about anything. We have things called 'nice-offs'. Just everybody being nice to each other and everybody gets along. It feels like all the songs on the record are a little faster than they are live and that's just because everybody is settled down and has a groove now.

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