Captain Squeegee: "Music Is Just Gonna Be Free! I'm Okay with That!"

Danny Torgersen
Phoenix Comicon
Because that's especially what I love about Comicon -- just that it seems like everything is just pretty freakin' epic. That the narrative in comics and anime and sci-fi -- that all of that is usually some of the most futuristic, mythological interpretations of humanity that you're gonna get.

And the stakes are usually high.

Yes, and usually you're dealing with space or other dimensions or genetic hybrids.

So being a music geek and being a geek-geek, does that come from the same place for you?

I guess so. That's probably why I try and write music about humanity and the apocalypse and extraterrestrials and spirituality and every content that grabs me, I try and make into a song. So music has always been connected to that side. That's kind of what inspires me to write. I'm not just gonna write a bunch of love and dump songs. It's gonna be about the consciousness shift and the inevitability of asteroids. Stuff like that.

So is that the stuff you'd say you geek out about when you're not geeking out about music? The spirituality and all that?

Yeah, and toss some conspiracy theories in there!

Done. So why do you think music isn't as well-represented as TV and movies and gaming at a lot of these comic conventions?

I think that it's only a matter of time. We are heading into this world of trans-media. Where now, because the internet has virtually blurred the lines between all your varieties of media, you can watch TV shows on the internet or you can go to the blog written by the director about that show, and then you could maybe read a fan-comic that someone drew about that show. So we're in this new dimension of the internet.

And I think that media itself is just going to become the same awesome entity where it's really just people and ideas and narratives that will become popular now.

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So music will kind of get pulled in by default once everything is connected in that way?

Exactly. But see, the reason that I'm even speaking at Comicon isn't Squeegee specifically, but because Squeegee also makes a web saga [Lucidity Web Saga, to be specific] on the internet.

And we make the music but also act in it, and my roommate and I are principal writers for the show. I think that they were especially interested in that--that bands also can make movies. That bands can also make web sagas and plotlines that even intermingle between the album and the videos, and that it can all be trans-mutated into trans-media.

And in fact my panel is about the fact that I act and direct and make the music all at once for our show, Lucidity. It's about people that do multiple tasks in production. Our show, the Lucidity web saga, has picked up a ton of steam this last year because we won a bunch of awards in L.A. the last couple years at the L.A. Web Fest, and so we submitted to Comicon and they were all over it. And especially [once] the band was connected -- it was just a beautiful cosmic marriage.

So you've got the web saga, and your crowd-funding campaign has a lot of non-music stuff on it. It comes on this USB key, and there's all this DVD bonus material, basically--

An actual key. There's a ton of stuff on it, and I'm gonna load it with interesting stuff that inspired me for each song, each song's meaning, and even some info and videos that explain some of that stuff. The entire Lucidity web saga is on that key -- in HD all at once, all the episodes and all the music -- and we're even trying to develop this game that you can play that goes with the album. I'm all about this word trans-media.

I guess the idea of being in a band is different than it was five years ago. How has that changed for you.

I tell that to bands all the time when they start complaining to me. "We have to self-manage? We have to make our own photos? We have to think of cool packaging?" All of those things are good things! Music is just gonna be free!

I'm okay with that, I've accepted that. Once I got past being frustrated with music being free, everything else that we attached to the music [could] still be something that people wanted. And that's why bands should get creative. Make a movie that goes with your album! Make interesting stuff that you can give to people!

After the jump: "You're a band, of course you should just have music . . . but what else are you going to do? What can you build from the ideas in your music? I'm all about that."

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