Backstreet Boys, ZZ Top, and More Announce Phoenix Shows

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Backstreet Boys (Backstreet's Back)
All right!
Earlier in May, Justin Timberlake announced he would be coming through Phoenix on his enormous solo tour, which set off a concert-excitement bomb the likes of which hadn't been seen since -- well, since those Prince shows, I guess, even earlier in May. More recently, the Backstreet Boys announced they'd be playing a concert in September. It was not quite such a big deal, which has to be rough for all the people out there who touted Millennium over No Strings Attached.

More Phoenix and Phoenix-area show announcements -- including some early State Fair news -- after the jump:

Backstreet Boys - Comerica Theatre - September 5

With Jesse McCartney this time, and not New Kids on the Block, in case you were wondering. The Backstreet Boys have now been back together -- since 2005 -- for longer than they were releasing albums in the first place (1996-2000.)

So the bloom is probably off the rose, a little; most of the people who wanted to see The Backstreet Boys because they screamed at TRL for two years in the late '90s have seen The Backstreet Boys.

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Only the superfans remain, but the good news is that there are at least enough of them to fill Comerica Theatre. The Backstreet Boys aren't Justin Timberlake's equal anymore, but they have crossed the gap between reunion-show band and nostalgia show band. Which takes some doing.

The Crystal Method - Monarch Theatre - July 13

It's been called dance music for people who like rock, but the tag's too reductive. While The Crystal Method's "big beat" sound has often featured a rock roar (including guitarists Wes Borland from Limp Bizkit and Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello), it also accompanies layered loops of pop, soul and hip-hop over effervescent breakbeats.

Their 1997 debut, Vegas, came hot on the heels of the Chemical Brothers' huge Dig Your Own Hole album, and with its similarly rock-inspired vibe, took off, going platinum. Since then, The Crystal Method has remained dedicated to its rangy sound. -- Chris Parker

After the jump: State Fair announcements. ZZ Top, you guys.

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