Backstreet Boys, ZZ Top, and More Announce Phoenix Shows

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Superhumanoids - Crescent Ballroom - July 1

LA-based Superhumanoids make pop music for you to argue over what "chillwave" means by.

Blitzen Trapper - Crescent Ballroom - July 14

Blitzen Trapper @ The Clubhouse 6-28-2010.jpg

There's a rollicking charm to Blitzen Trapper's blend of folk and classic rock that suggests a summer day. Perhaps it's the bright, sunny '60s melodies or the way guitars alternate between the crackle of country-fried distortion and jangling acoustics, vacillating between Neil Young and Jerry Garcia like a picnic featuring football and Frisbee. Or maybe it's just how frontman Eric Earley's thoughtful songs sound perfect tooling down the highway with the windows down, his meditations teased out over the rolling asphalt.

That's what makes American Goldwing an ideal title for Blitzen Trapper's sixth album, a nostalgic release that captures that same feeling of moving forward while sitting still. Like the titular road motorcycle, it's about what happens while you're covering that wide-open expanse. -- Chris Parker

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