Backstreet Boys, ZZ Top, and More Announce Phoenix Shows

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State Fair Announcements

ZZ Top - October 13

There aren't a lot of people out there complaining about the way, say, Robert Palmer is always reduced to his music videos. ZZ Top, though? If you treat them like an '80s novelty band you will get letters.

They are a technically competent, blues-heavy, fantastically self-aware rock band who just happens to play spinning guitars with huge beards and drive a car filled with girls called The Eliminator.

Fans of both sides of ZZ Top will probably get their due at the fair. It might also help to familiarize yourself with La Futura, their last album (as produced by Rick Rubin.) It features "I Gotsta Get Paid," which features some tropes you're probably going to recognize.

Alabama Shakes - October 24

It's a lot harder to see the path a rock band could take to big state fair shows than it used to be, if only because bands that look like ZZ Top do not often find themselves on MTV anymore.

Alabama Shakes, formed in 2009, wisely cut out the '80s fame-and-fortune portion of the journey by instantly appealing to both country and non-country fans of guitar music. Since then they've been all over the place--only in part because there are like five popular rock bands that all the national outlets have to share now.

After the jump: Two more shows coming in July.

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