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A few of the lovely ladies at Vinnie Paul's Clubhouse in Dallas.
Some of you may remember last March when a little column called Metal Mondays debuted via Up on the Sun, and immediately dove into the subjects matters of Pantera, strippers, Jack Daniel's, and YouTube.

Well, there must have been something you all liked about that article, aptly named New Music From Pantera Calls for Homemade Vulgar Display of Power (then again, you can't really go wrong with that combination), because a year later, Metal Mondays is still thrashing, pouring out healthy doses of metal on a weekly basis.

It also reinforces a fact that everyone already knows but which needs to be recognized from time to time, that there are indeed metalheads who give a shit. Any hardcore music fan goes above and beyond to devour information about their favorite band or musician that comes along, and even more dedicated fans seek it out on their own.

So for those who read Metal Mondays religiously, we thank you. And for those who don't, here's a little recap of the best and worst Metal Mondays over the past year.

Phoenix Needs a Heavy Metal Strip Club

After visiting Vinnie Paul's The Clubhouse strip club in Dallas, I pondered how Phoenix missed the scantily clad boat of heavy metal and BYOB strip clubs, and contemplate a petition to Bret Michaels and Job for a Cowboy to open.

No One Gets Out of This Pit Alive

Nothing like a good old-fashioned reminiscing about broken bones in a Rage Against The Machine Pit or jumping from two-story balconies at Lamb of God.

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