The Faint to Bring Dance-y Sing-Alongs to That Damn Show

Melissa Fossum
The Faint at Crescent Ballroom

The roster of touring acts of That Damn Show gives the festival the appearance of something that happened a decade ago. I remember being stoked to see acts like Bad Religion, Face to Face, and Fenix Tx for the first time in the early Aughts -- and, in some cases, at Mesa Amphitheatre. Wasn't Bad Religion, Less Than Jake and Authority Zero an unlikely but fun show? That Damn Show 2013, with its punk/reggae lineup, seems like the long-awaited sequel.

Many fans feel the same sentiments about The Faint. I somehow missed the boat and didn't get into the band until I saw them live at Los Angeles' FYF Festival last year, and then I was hooked. I had the pleasure of interviewing Todd Fink and seeing the band at Crescent Ballroom a couple of months later at my favorite show of 2012.

I saw The Faint for the third time a couple of days ago at Coachella. Though each show was different, I noticed patterns. Here's what you can probably expect when you see The Faint on Saturday:

A crazy light show. FYF did this best, because The Faint were last-minute additions to the festival. This was one of the band's first reunion shows, so they went all out. From a distance, fans could still enjoy all the strobes and lasers. I was concerned that this wouldn't translate well to an intimate show, but here's a short video I took of "Glass Danse" that proves it did:

And you might have a seizure. Don't say we didn't warn you.

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Mesa Amphitheatre

263 N. Center St., Mesa, AZ

Category: Music

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Adrian John Flanagan
Adrian John Flanagan

If anyone needs tickets, Rips Bar is giving away several pairs tomorrow night!

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