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Matt Martinez
On Saturday, more than 3,000 people attended That Damn Show, a full day of performances by rock and punk bands like Bad Religion, Tiger Army, and The Faint at Mesa Amphitheatre.

But according to several attendees, the outdoor concert -- which was co-promoted by New Times and local online alt-rock radio station KUKQ -- also hosted an Arizona vendor whose T-shirts appear to feature white supremacist and Nazi-like iconography.

Tucson-based clothing company and screen-printer Vitality Ink (which also does business as Hardcore Teez) was one of several local vendors doing business at the event. The company's website and Tumblr say variously that its clothes and art represent "all aspects [of] riding as well as the bad boys and dirty girl" and the "extreme lifestyle." Vitality Ink/Hardcore Teez also creates and sells apparel and artwork with Dia de los Muertos-style imagery.

In the hours following That Damn Show, a number of concertgoers shared photos on Facebook of the company's vendor trailer -- particularly shirts it was selling at the event that attendees construed to be racist or white supremacist in nature. The photos (posted here and here) focus on several T-shirts using the phrases "White Boy" and "Support Your Local White Boy," as well as shirts featuring the Confederate flag. Another blurrier image purportedly shows a Vitality Ink/Hardcore Teez shirt depicting what appears to be modified version of the Nazi Reichsadler (or coat of arms) featuring an Iron Eagle, albeit without a swastika.

vitality ink red shirt that damn show 550.jpg
Mike Hyde/Wikimedia Commons

New Times called the Vitality Ink/Hardcore Teez store in Tucson for comment on the Facebook photos depicting shirts sold at That Damn Show and featured on their Tumblr. A female employee who refused to give her name said that the "White Boy" T-shirts the company sells are not affiliated with racism or the white supremacist movement.

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