That Damn Show 2013 Set Times: Saturday's Complete Schedule

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When Bad Religion, AWOLNATION, and the rest of That Damn Show comes to the Mesa Amphitheatre on Saturday, there will be 14 bands crammed onto the bill, split between two stages -- which is to say It's going to be a little hectic. You can still buy tickets online; to make your schedule triage a little easier after you do, we humbly offer the set times for both stages below.

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Victor Palagano

That Damn Show 2013 set times schedule:

Main Stage TIME Second Stage
12:20-12:50 Bad Lucy
Inept Hero 12:50-1:20
1:20-1:45 Nomada
Bend Sinister 1:45-2:15
2:15-2:45 HB Surround
Katastro 2:45-3:15
3:15-3:45 The VeraGroove
Passafire 3:45-4:30
4:30-5:15 Fenix TX
Face to Face 5:15-6:00
6:00-7:00 Tiger Army
AWOLNATION 7:00-8:00
8:00-9:00 The Faint
Bad Religion 9:00-10:00

Now you know when your favorite acts are playing, which means there's only one thing to figure out: Which food trucks will you be visiting during your downtime?

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JohnQ.Public topcommenter

I know its a festival, but I'm bummed that we don't get a full set from either AWOLNation or Bad Religion.

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