Six Songs Prince (Probably) Won't Play in Tempe (But We Wish He Would)

Prince another lonely Christmas
[Ed. note: Before this week's Prince-mania comes to a close after Wednesday night's show at the Marquee Theatre, I asked Up on the Sun's writers -- hereafter The Revolution -- to let me know exactly what they were looking for in a Prince concert. Chris24 Hassiotis came through with this list of six songs Prince probably won't play in Tempe, even though we wish he would.]

1. Another Lonely Christmas

There's absolutely no reason Prince would play this song now -- it's an obscure, seasonal, one-off piano tune about a lost lover. It's a B-side to 1984's "I Would Die 4 U" single recorded during the Purple Rain / 1999 era. But it's also Prince at his most idiosyncratic -- vampy, maudlin, hugely tuneful, and plain weird (check the reference to banana daiquiris.)

2. Erotic City

Better suited for a dance club than the live stage, "Erotic City" is a straight stunner. But with Prince (kind of) eschewing overt sexuality and profanity in his lyrics, "Erotic City" will most likely stay locked up in Prince's sexy, sexy vault.

3. Cinnamon Girl

Prince's 2004 album Musicology was one of his most successful in years, and another in the long list of what became known as his "comeback" albums. Some of the tracks were funky jams while some were limp ballads. "Cinnamon Girl" is a swirly, thumping and rare political tune written for a post-9/11 America that tackles ethnic tension and misunderstanding. It's a solid song that would make for an even more powerful one given Prince's current backing band, the guitar-heavy 3rd Eye Girl -- and, sadly, its message is still relevant.

4. Horny Toad

Jittery, peppy, and more than a little rockabilly-influenced, "Horny Toad" pulls from the same vein as "Delirious" and its even more lascivious evil twin song "Jack U Off." And if online Prince forums are to believed, it's never been performed live over its 30-year lifespan -- and Prince fans are just the kind of obsessives we'd believe.

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He won't sing these songs because they go against his religious views as one of Jehovah's Witnesses.  Ugh, more reason not to like him. 

Jason Molina
Jason Molina

I think D.M.S.R. or All the Critics Love You In New York would sound amazing with this new band of his.

Victor Hoelscher
Victor Hoelscher

This is the very reason that I stopped going to all concerts and most sporting events over 15 years ago. If everyone would do this, these prima donnas would be forced down into the realm of reality or else they could just play very small exclusive Venus in ultra rich areas where people have money to burn.

Lorryn Zephier
Lorryn Zephier

The one that starts out "I'm just f%@*ing with ya, my tickets aren't really 300 damn dollars"

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