Top Five Must-See Shows in Phoenix This Week

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It's Monday, and I'm sorry about that. There was nothing I can do. But I bring good news: This week's Top Five Must-See Shows in Phoenix is further proof that they play live music during the week, and even on school nights.

danny brown 2.jpg

Monday, April 15: Baauer and Danny Brown @ Club Red, Tempe

Danny Brown has "been around Phoenix," according to our interview with "The Hybrid" last week. We're not sure what that means, and we're not sure we want to know.

See also: Danny Brown on why he calls himself The Hybrid.

Suffice it to say that Detroit's famously off-kilter rapper was probably his famously off-kilter self in Phoenix, at some point in time. He'll be joined at this show by Baauer, whose "Harlem Shake" had been in the world for almost a year before it turned into the first unavoidable meme of 2013. Yes: We know by now that that dance is not the real "Harlem Shake." The people who check him out tonight at 8 probably don't care. -- Dan Moore

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you didn't list Foals and the Neighbourhood. YOU CALL YOURSELF A MUSIC BLOGGER?

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