Nerf Herder - Pub Rock, Scottsdale - 4/26/2013

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Melissa Fossum
Nerf Herder
Pub Rock, Scottsdale
April 26, 2013

What the heck have geek rockers Nerf Herder been up to since their last trip to Phoenix in 2002? It's been a full 11 years since the band co-headlined a show with Guttermouth at Club Rio. At the time, the band's third full-length album, American Cheese, had just come out. They went on a two-year hiatus and released another full-length album in 2008, but that was about it.

Last night felt like a flashback to 2002, complete with fans sporting old NOFX and No Use For a Name t-shirts. The crowd still knew all the words, and some fans feebly tried moshing to "Sorry," while others just leaned against the barricade to shout "Sorry I had sex with your sister" along with the band.

Melissa Fossum
Nerf Herder's song selection also made the show feel like a time capsule -- not a single song they played was released after 2002. The band's transition from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer theme song -- which they wrote, thanks to Alyson Hannigan suggesting the band to Joss Whedon -- to "Sorry" showed Nerf Herder at it's best; this is a band that is kind of gross (see the masturbation shame in "Feeling Bad"), super geeky (isn't "Mr. Spock" every girls' dream man?), and, most of all, hilarious.

And Nerf Herder hasn't lost its edge. Singer Parry Gripp was very animated throughout, and got a little lewd while describing the Hole singer's sagging breasts in "Courtney Love." He invited "the fan with the tattoo" on stage for the band's closing song, "Golf Shirt," as a male fan lifted up his shirt and proudly displayed a tramp stamp that displayed the club rules outlined in the song.

Melissa Fossum

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