How Music Festivals Keep the Music Industry Afloat

McDowell 2013 (Jim Louvau)
McDowell Mountain Music Festival
Jim Louvau

This week's New Times cover story examines the music industry's only 21st-century success story: The incredible boom in live music in general and festivals in particular.

Since you might still be in the throes of a Coachella hangover -- or maybe you're getting ready to camp out at That Damn Show Saturday afternoon -- the story couldn't be much more timely. Here's a look at three festivals that attract Phoenix-based music fans in droves.

McDowell Mountain Music Festival

McDowell Mountain Music Festival 2013
Melissa Fossum
Visit our McDowell Mountain Music Festival 2013 slideshow

The 2013 installment of the McDowell Mountain Music Festival--the 10th--transformed Margaret T. Hance park into a full-on campgrounds-and-stages music-fest. It featured The Shins, Les Claypool, and The Roots, among others. Oh, and a lot of dancing hippies:

That's what I like about hippies, among other things: They're always finding some strange new thing to twirl around in lieu of a yo-yo. If you're ever desperately in need of a set of devil sticks, stop the first guy with dreadlocks you pass and ask him to open up the back of his Volvo.

McDowell Mountain Music Festival

We liked the increasingly poppy sounds of the Shins and were a little shocked that The Roots can pull off both a drum solo and a "Sweet Child o' Mine" cover. We also learned that Joe Arpaio sucks, but so does petition overload.

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