MC Magic: Chris Brown's "Fine China" Is a "Feel Good" Record

Are you a people person?

The reason I ask this question: My personal answer was the deciding factor in becoming a writer/blogger for New Times. For me, there's something exciting about watching fans, family members, or strangers just smile n' enjoy life. You know that warm feeling you get after doing a good deed or helping someone out? That's the feeling I get every time I complete a project. So, I guess I took this gig for the self-fulfilling good vibes, and hopefully along the way some of those vibes will get passed on to you, the reader, and we'll end up a little closer. Sound good?

Welcome to The MCMagicBlog.

A scene from "Fine China."
Discovering new music has always been one of my favorite things, all the way back to my DJ days, when a weekly box of 12-inch vinyl was the source of my ear candy fix.

These days not much has changed, except the way I search for new music. There's nothing like the thrill of picking up a newly released record, or even better, one that's yet to be discovered, and sense that it has a real hit quality. I've heard that word of mouth is the best form of advertising, and there's a lot of truth to that. I share my musical findings with everyone, and I want to share one with you.

Last night while searching for goodies online, I found the brand-new Chris Brown single, "Fine China." In addition to being a great-sounding "feel good" record, Chris and his camp have taken the extra effort to create a stunning mini-movie music video to accompany the song. In 2013, this can actually make or break a song.

In the film, a sharply dressed Chris Brown scoops up his cute Asian sweetheart just in time to save her from a heated argument with her father. It's the classic tale of a boy not being good enough for daddy's girl, and Brown's soon embroiled in a conflict with daddy, who just so happens to be the leader of the "TRIAD." So, CB fights for her, making time to bust a few Michael Jackson-inspired moves on the dance floor.

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I just want to say first off I'm super excited and look forward to reading your blog day to day MC Magic!  I hadn't heard this Chris Brown song its a good song but I have lost plenty of respect for Chris Brown as a person but he can sing and I'll give him that too. I mean every blue moon he comes out with a good song or two  and it does'nt stop me from bumping them but dont expect me to be number one fan or front row at his shows. MC Magic keep doing your thing and I LOVE U AND ALL YOUR MUSIC!! FROM NBK TO  NB RIDERS TO MAGIC CITY FOR LIFE! LOVE ALWAYS ELIZABETH!!                                 


It's a cool video. i don't like the biting of Michael Jackson though (I'm a longtime fan) i get there's paying homage and then there is completely jacking. The song is good I'll give him that. The media should lay off him,  though.

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