Faith Hill Leaves Sunday Night Football. Why Was She There?

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Faith Hill leaving Sunday Night Football is interesting mostly because it reminds us that Faith Hill was -- for something like six years -- employed by Sunday Night Football. "This Kiss," and then helmet-to-helmet hits, every week. Counterprogramming, I think they call that.

We've seen cultural institutions move in this direction for decades: First, you look revolutionary. Then you dominate a niche. And then you try your damnedest to escape that niche entirely and pretend you never had it.

MTV is the canonical (and blog-appropriate) example. Today's MTV has in common with the old MTV mostly the desire to say they're The revolutionary MTV as often as they can. Once they controlled music culture, their goal became to control the people who liked the music culture they controlled. (Then, alas, they stopped controlling music.)

They ended up blazing a trail every other cable network in America has followed: First you put your mission statement right in your name: Music, History, Discovery, Learning, Video Hits. Then a crossover hit shows you just how small your niche is. Then you're running 16-hour blocks of cheap shows in which teenagers are surprised to learn there's a baby inside of them, and you have to change your slogan to something like "Because History Is Super Hot Sometimes" or "Learning About Preggo Hoarders Is Still Learning, Man."

Sunday Night Football's connection to Faith Hill was never so tenuous as the World War II channel's connection to pawn shops, but the same mission creep is evident. Faith Hill was brand extension for Sunday Night Football -- she appeals to the demographics that stand off to the side in beer commercials about creating party-hearty man caves out of aluminum cans without being a total departure from the Hank Williams-y history of football intros.

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She was there because she was prettier than Pink, who had the gig before her. The theme song is a variant of a Pink song.

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I had no idea unFaithful Hill was part of Sunday Night football!!  Maybe I shoulda' been watching?  Naaaaahh . . . . fugedaboutit!

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