Please Welcome Dan Moore, Your New Phoenix New Times Music Editor

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As I announced a couple of weeks ago, I'm stepping down from the music editor position here at New Times, but it's with great pleasure that I announce that a more than capable gentleman by the name of Dan Moore will be stepping into the role.

Moore comes locked and loaded with plenty of experience. He's written for Voice Media Group papers Riverfront Times and Dallas Observer and served as a regional editor for the SB Nation sports blog. He's a funny guy, with the ability to articulately argue points one might think insane (see "Should Indie Bands Be More Like Nickelback?") and capable of cutting through the Internet noise to deliver cogent statements about music and culture.

Welcome, Dan!

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Welcome, Dan!  Looking forward to getting to know you.

Up On The Sun
Up On The Sun

Don't worry -- I (Jason) will continue contributing.

Brad Pfirrman
Brad Pfirrman

You did a great job Jason! We're gonna miss your contributions to the Phoenix New Times. Good luck in your future endeavors

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