Club Candids: Relentless Beach at El Santo

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Photos by Benjamin Leatherman
Partaking in the first Relentless Beach of the season at El Santo in Scottsdale. See more photos via this week's Club Candids slideshow.
Although we're loath to admit it, the full force of summertime's fury is a few weeks hence, if not (gulp) sooner. And thanks to that whole climate-change nightmare that the right-wing nutters seem to be in unapologetic denial over, it's gonna be more uncomfortable than ever 'round these parts.

Some cats aren't waiting around to find someplace cool and wet in which frolic while everyone else bakes, like the cats behind local EDM promoter Relentless Beats, for instance. They kicked off the annual pool party season a bit early this past weekend with their namesake Relentless Beach series at El Santo in Scottsdale with plenty of both beats and bikini-clad lasses in tow.

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The poolside DJ booth at El Santo was tag-teamed all afternoon by a surfeit of beat-jugglers native to Scottsdale's clubland, including such local producers and selectors likely familiar to the nightlife crowd LuJan, Steven "Tranzit" Chung, and the duo of Thomas Turner and Timothy Heit.

club candids relentless beach el santo four.JPG

They blasted an all-you-can eat EDM buffet of house, electro, club hits, and other high-energy dance tracks while Relentless Beach patrons downed plenty of Dirty Tequilla -- the sponsor for the shindig that parked a gigantic RV outside emblazoned with the suggestive exclamation of "Let's Get Dirty!" -- and engaged in the usual swimming pool antics.

club candids relentless beach el santo five.JPG

The Club Candids crew dove into El Santo to grab more than a few snapshots of the event, and all the tanned and toned types in the house, which you can check out four yourself via this week's slideshow.

club candids relentless beach el santo six.JPG

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El Santo Cantina y Mas - CLOSED

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