MC Magic: Becky G's "Becky from the Block" Brings the Barrio to the Mainstream

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I have always said that everyone likes new, whether it's a new car, new clothes, a new house, or even just new shoes. Becky G from Inglewood, California, is that "new" in today's hip-hop game.

Join me this week as I take you on a ride to discover some fresh new talent from one of those run-down neighborhoods close to LAX.

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MC Magic
Becky Gomez -- Becky G, for short -- is a spunky 16-year-old Mexican-American rapper and singer with an impressive life story: Her family ended up living in her grandpa's garage, so she had to get a job to help out her dad, an auto mechanic who made a living working on cars in his front yard.

As a matter of fact, he's doing just that in Becky's latest video, "Becky from the Block." This remake of Jennifer Lopez's "Jenny from the Block" is such a creative piece -- not only does Becky deliver her rhymes with a flawless current-day swag, she also keeps it real with lyrics like, "If you don't find me chillin' in the barrio / I'm with my abuelitas praying the rosario."

While watching the video, one can't help wondering what J.Lo herself would think of this fresh face remaking one of her hits -- until the closing scene, when Ms. Lopez pulls up in a custom-painted gold-flake Impala to scoop up the tiny rapper, who appears to be about five feet tall.

Becky G bridges the gap between old-school barrio favorites like Lil Rob and LSOB and current-day sounds like that of Nicki Minaj. In other parts of the record, her flow is more like TLC's Left Eye.

But it gets even better: This Latina MC is also a singer.

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