Bad Religion, That Damn Show Headliners, Have Been Around Longer Than You Think

On Saturday That Damn Show is back for 2013 at the Mesa Amphitheatre, featuring national acts like Bad Religion and local favorites like the Veragroove. Check out the full schedule here. (Full disclosure: We're co-promoting this show with KUKQ, because we just want you to be happy.)

Bad Religion has been around long enough that it's been surprising fans with how long it's been around for something like 25 years now. Newly angry teenagers buying and falling in love with True North this year -- it hit number 18 on the Billboard 200 -- have 15 other albums and more than 30 years of history to sift through next. Fans who lapped up their major-label debut, Stranger than Fiction, were already 12 years behind in 1994.

Even if you latched on with their epoch-defining third album, Suffer, you'd already missed two albums, an EP, an extended breakup, and a prog-rock detour that moved Voice icon Robert Christgau with its "anthemic ambition."

Here are five stops Bad Religion hit on the way to their That Damn Show performance Saturday, as documented by the music press and some of our sibling papers:

Early days

Bad Religion formed in 1979, and, yes, that's a long time ago. Long-enough ago that most of the early coverage of Greg Graffin and company appeared in zines, according to the incredibly exhaustive Bad Religion Page press archive. Here's an excerpt from a 1981 interview in Flipside, presented in its original format:

BRETT--HEY, they'd frown on that kind of stuff. (Hud and I discuss the fact that it's 2$ plus 20¢ for every check we write)

MICHELE--As long as I keep 600$ in my checking account, I don't have to pay it.

BRETT--We'd love to have 600$.

GREG--We have a bank account. we're legally a partnership.

AL--Who writes all the songs?

GREG--Brett and I write all the songs...

I know Michele wants to do the interview and she's over there talking about...

AL--What are you going to do if you don't make a million dollars in your band?

GREG--I'am going to be an inpersonator. I'll probably make a million dollars doing that!

BRETT--He does a muscleman impersonation...........

(Everyone tries to make him do it)

GREG--No way dude@#$(*$&#)@(#*@¢*#

BRETT--Hey he's quite a card, you know? He's always the life of the party.

MICHELE--How do you guys have 24 hour parties?

GREG--How do we? We don't!

Graffin was 17; Brett Gurewitz was 19.

Next: A potentially ill-advised move into prog rock.

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