Five Bad Religion Albums To Hear Before That Damn Show 2013

The Process of Belief -- 2002

Gurewitz left the band on poor terms and spent part of his seven-year hiatus in rehab. In the meantime, Bad Religion released three mediocre records and eventually left Atlantic. The band's return to Epitaph was paired with Gurewitz rejoining the band for The Process of Belief.

Belief, Bad Religion's 12th album, took a back-to-basics approach, harking back to the fast and furious punk heard on albums like Suffer and No Control. "Prove It" refuses to blindly accept theology, "Broken" takes a bleak look at teenage hardship, but the band offers a reaffirming resolution in "You Don't Belong." "Materialist" and "The Defense" continue the band's commentary on technology and consumerism, serving as indirect sequels to "21st Century (Digital Boy)" over a decade later.

With Graffin and Gurewitz back together, The Process of Belief was the beginning of a renaissance that continues into 2013.

Bad Religion is scheduled to headline That Damn Show Saturday, April 20, at Mesa Amphitheatre. Tickets are available online.

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