Five Bad Religion Albums To Hear Before That Damn Show 2013

Stranger than Fiction -- 1994

Tensions between Greg Graffin and Brett Gurewitz came to a head during the recording of 1994's Stranger than Fiction. Gurewitz left the band shortly before the album was released. On tour, Graffin often changed the lyrics of the title track to take jabs at Gurewitz and his crack use.

Fiction also was Bad Religion's major label debut, arousing the ire of fans who accused the group of selling out to Atlantic Records. Things take a bleak turn in Fiction, which picks up thematically where No Control left off. Lines like "If I thought I'd make a difference, I'd kill myself today" are a bleak reminder of a common Bad Religion theme, that the world won't stop without you.

The songs on Stranger than Fiction are slower than those of Bad Religion's early days, but they display a sense of urgency that Generator often lacked. The title track takes a clever and catchy look at the madness of some of America's greatest authors. The travails of Hemingway and Kerouac are compared to those of the homeless and impoverished. Life isn't as interesting as fiction because it's full of cheap shots and weak characters, making it "the crummiest book" they've ever read.

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