Five Bad Religion Albums To Hear Before That Damn Show 2013

No Control -- 1989

Bad Religion struck gold again with Suffer's follow-up, No Control. This album rivals Suffer in the punk canon by proving even faster and more aggressive than its predecessor. Songs like "Big Bang," "Sometimes I Feel Like," and "I Want Something More" go by in a blur.

Graffin proclaims that he wants to conquer the world to "give all the idiots a brand new religion," but megalomania seems like the last thing on his mind. However aggressive, his new world order once more hinges on a desire to put an end to poverty, uncleanliness, and toil. "Henchmen" is full of warnings to a corrupt government and desires to make the world a better place. No Control also displays an increased musical variety, with the fast songs counterbalanced by the depression-themed, slower-paced "Sanity."

Next: Against the Grain gets personal.

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