Alkaline Trio - Marquee Theatre - 4/28/2013

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Melissa Fossum
Alkaline Trio
Marquee Theatre, Tempe
Sunday, April 28, 2013

I've got a big, fat fucking bone to pick with you, Alkaline Trio. In case you haven't heard, I'm sick and tired of waiting to hear "Radio." I wish you would have swapped some new songs for "Nose Over Tail," "Clavicle," and all of Goddamnit. Wait, that tour already happened -- but Maybe I'll Catch Fire and/or From Here to Infirmary would have done nicely.

There's no way a band that has released eight albums can please everyone. Consensus seems to be that the band's first few albums were the best, with the two records preceding My Shame Is True being the worst. Fortunately, the goth pop-punkers stuck to some of its best material, even if the band flubbed the lyrics.

Yeah, that was awkward. That's my main bone to pick with you, Matt Skiba.

The singer and guitarist missed about half of a verse in "Donner Party," and "San Francisco" was a little sloppy, but what else would you expect from a song with the chorus "I was drinking you goodbye"?

"Sometimes these songs take me back to writing lyrics on a cocktail napkin at SFO and the lyrics escape you, in a good way," Skiba explained after playing the song.

As the singer kept pointing to the same person in the crowd, who may have been Heather Gabel (he gave her a shout-out after "Sadie"), we couldn't help wondering whether he was actually trying to drink someone goodbye. In our recent interview, Skiba said that writing My Shame Is True was a cathartic process dealing with a recent breakup. At any rate, Matt Skiba looked pretty drunk, and it straddled the border between entertaining and worrisome.

Before introducing "Trucks and Trains" -- a song that Alkaline Trio has never performed in Arizona -- Skiba got booed for asking "Who wants the funk?" He told some bad jokes, too -- "Why does Fonzie always say 'Ayyy?' Because [Happy Days] was on ABC. If it was on NBC, he would have said, 'nnnnn.'"

Alkaline Trio
Melissa Fossum
And then there was the cell phone incident. After "Mr. Chainsaw," singer/bassist Dan Andriano found a Motorola cell phone at his feet and tried to find the owner before giving some impromptu tech advice.

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Hey Melissa I'm the "doofus" who threw his Motorola at Dan Andriano and threw it back at Matt Skiba. It was worth it. After the show my friends and I got to meet Matt Skiba and get my phone back of course. ;)

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