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Benjamin Leatherman
Zero Zero
When people ask what kind of music I like, I'm tempted to say, "Good music." I understand the need for musical terminology, but there's really too much good stuff to limit what you listen to. It's a lesson Zero Zero teaches well. Nicole Laurenne and Michael Johnny Walker have the garage rock thing locked down with The Love Me Nots, but the itch to experiment was too itchy to ignore, resulting in the sleeker, suaver, synth-ier Zero Zero. The band performs twice this weekend: at Crescent Ballroom and the Sail Inn, where they'll take part in decker.'s massive (mini-festival-like) CD release show. decker. could have found other like-minded indie folks acts to share the stage, but instead there's a packed and diverse lineup: The rocking Vagabond Gods, the psychedelic pop of Future Loves Past (and much more). It's that embrace-it-all attitude that makes decker.'s new LP, Slider, such a good listen. Embrace eclecticism with our Top Five Must-See Shows This Weekend list. -- Jason P. Woodbury

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Emily Caldwell
Friday, March 1: decker. @ Sail Inn

It took a successful Kickstarter campaign, numerous fundraising shows, and generous outpouring from the local music community, but Sedona's decker. has successfully completed its fourth album, Slider (no relation to the T.Rex record of the same name), and was able to replace the instruments damaged in a near-fatal rollover. Now, the band is gearing up for a South by Southwest tour with Palms, The Wiley One, and others, as well as prepping for their album-release show at The Sail Inn in Tempe, on Friday, March 1.

Up on the Sun: First, I want to say congratulations on the new album.

Brandon Decker:Thank you, buddy.

So how is Sedona?

Sedona is Sedona. It's kinda warm. It's nice. It's pretty. We're actually heading to Phoenix. We're picking up [bassist] Bryant [Vazquez] and heading down to shows there and doing a little promotion for the March 1 show.

I don't hear a lot about what's going on up in Sedona. Any bands up there you'd consider your contemporaries?

That's a challenging question to answer. I think we just try to stay focused on what we're doing musically and professionally. We try to be around bands from all over the place that are like-minded, that we respect and admire.

Do you feel Sedona is a spiritual place?

There's definitely something remarkably special there, you know? I know I've changed [since being there]. The way I've viewed myself, and I guess my spirit has changed, and I attribute at least some aspect of that to living in Sedona, so I guess so. -- Troy Farah

Read the entire decker. Q&A.

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Sail Inn - CLOSED

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Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts

7380 E. Second St., Scottsdale, AZ

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Crescent Ballroom

308 N. 2nd Ave., Phoenix, AZ

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