Club Candids: Arizona Roller Derby's Fundraising Party at Vintage Lounge

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Melissa Fossum
Mill Avenue is always busy on the weekends. Just try to find a parking spot among the partying coeds and crazy cab drivers and you'll know what we mean. Luckily, the ladies of Arizona's Roller Derby know how to push through a crowd, like they did when they hosted a fundraiser at Vintage Lounge.

Melissa Fossum
The usual Tempe crowd was in full attendance, as pretty blond girls danced to the hip-hop beats. Vintage was even busier than normal thanks to a fundraiser hosted by Arizona Roller Derby. Tough, yet gorgeous derby girls rubbed elbows with ASU students in the packed club, which featured a group of girls dancing on the DJ booth at all times.

Melissa Fossum
AZRD was in full attendance to raise money for its traveling team, the Tent City Terrors. Based on the turn out, the derby gals did quite well on Saturday, March 2. Check out a bevy of derby girls and sorority sisters in this week's Club Candids slideshow.
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