Ultra 2013: Five New and International Names for Molly, According to UMF Ravers

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By Victor Gonzalez

We found Molly.

And if we're ever at an electronic dance music festival in Brazil, we'll know to keep an eye out for balas. Similarly, next time we're in Ecuador and someone offers us pepas, we'll know they're taking about MDMA, at least according to Ultra Music Festival 2013 attendee Esteban Ortiz.

These are the type of things you learn speaking with international kandi kids at UMF, many of whom opened up to Crossfade about their favorite club drug nicknames. Like Daniella Coluccio, who "loves cats" so much that she's decided to rename Molly. "I call it," she says, "Katz with a K, and a Z at the end."

From America's Pacific Northwest to New Zealand, this is how you speak Molly across the globe.


Mexican Tachas
Norman Reyes "wanted to be part of the biggest party in the whole world" and Eduardo Gonzalez "loves electronic music" so much that they decided to make the trek from Mexico to Downtown Miami for their first Ultra Music Festival. But when we asked them about Molly, they seemed a little confused.

"Molly? No, in Mexico, it's called tachas," Reyes said.

"And in Brazil," Gonzalez spontaneously added, "it's called balas."


South Florida's "Have a Good Night" Drug
South Florida locals Arianna Lewczak and Dave Lumbar were in line getting food when we asked them for a favorite Molly nickname.

"I don't know," Lewczak said, struggling to find a Molly alternative.

"Shit," Lumbar interrupted, chuckling as he conjured a catchy nickname. "Uh, have a good night?"

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