The Holy Coast Adds Dead Wildlife's Braden McCall to the Fold

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The Holy Coast's Keith Walker
It's been three short months since Keith Walker and Brett Davis came together to form the brooding, synthesizer-inflected sounds of The Holy Coast, but in that time they've released two singles and have become a trio.

Dead Wildlife's Braden McCall has officially joined the team.

The boys initially planned on releasing their debut record on April 30, but that date has since been scrapped as they continue exploring their options for an official release. In the meantime, they dropped "In the Dark" along with a new video for the moody track.

Walker filled us in on recording and explains how McCall fits into the fold.

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Up on the Sun: How have you been?

Keith Walker: Really busy. My fiancée and I are expecting our first child. We have a baby girl joining us in June, so we're very excited and preparing for that.

The last time we spoke was at the beginning of all this. It was just myself and Brett Davis that started the project, but we were looking for other individuals that we could get involved. At that point, we had three or four songs that we were finishing up.

Someone that I had a lot of respect for -- and who I thought was doing something very interesting -- was Braden McCall from Dead Wildlife. Braden had done a remix for me a couple of years ago, which is how I came into contact with him. He heard some of the stuff and loved it, so he came on board with Brett and I, and the three of us began to dial into the material.

What does McCall bring to the table? What does he do for The Holy Coast that no one else could have?

Well, first and foremost, he likes soccer and so do I. He's got a very keen ear for unusual sounds and he's an excellent vocalist [who] brings along plenty of production ability. We couldn't have asked for a better guy.

How is the record coming along?

The album is almost completed. We're about a week away from it being done. We recorded and produced it all by ourselves, which is really quite nice to have the luxury of time. So it's nice not to have to stare at that clock in the studio telling ourselves, "We need to finish this song now." It gives you more liberty to experiment with sounds and ideas. If they work, great, and if they don't, we can just move on without having wasted $400 worth of studio time.

It's been a really, really fun experience for Brett, Braden, and I. Now we're just excited to get the record out so we can start rehearsing.

Do you guys have a date locked in for any upcoming performances?

We haven't played any gigs or anything like that. We decided to do the album first [song] and get the material written and recorded. We're doing a DJ set at Vial of Sound's vinyl release party which is happening at Crescent Ballroom on April 30. So we'll be bringing the party atmosphere to the place with some good music, all the while getting ready to do our own thing.

We changed our own release date from the 30th because we're looking at different options and avenues that are available to us. But it will be within the next couple of months -- there's no doubt about that.

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