Are Taylor Swift Greeting Cards Better Than Normal Greeting Cards? We Investigate.

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She's a multimillion-selling crop (country-pop) artist, a perfumer, and a maneater. Head over to your local Albertsons and take a gander at the greeting cards section and you'll discover Taylor Swift is also adept at slapping pictures of cute puppies onto cardstock and writing gems such as "Wow. Just Wow," on the front, too.

Yep, the 23-year-old mogul has the card market cornered, partnering up with American Greetings last year for a line of sugary-sweet visual cards that include images of everything from kids doing handstands to hands full of rose petals. So, how do the cards, uh, stack up?

The images are accompanied by cutesy, cursive-heavy fonts, everything a tween girl could want -- heck, there's even a Facebook page dedicated to the cards. And, just this February, Swifty's cards went digital -- now you can send syrupy salutations from your smartphone, too.

Now, I'm a sucker for cards with dogs on them. In fact, if I'm going to buy a card, I get only one if it has a dog on it. As much as I want to throw up in my mouth whenever I hear Swift talk, I found myself holding one of her cards last week, walking up to the checkout line.

Taylor Swift greeting cards.jpg
Taylor Swift's greeting card
Design: 3 (out of 5)

I think the pugs are definitely cute, but I don't like the hats they're wearing. In fact, I picked this card only because the dog card selection was pretty sparse -- and I had picked out a semi-decent dog card for someone else already. I don't think dogs need hats to make them cute, and the font is really hard to read -- it definitely looks like a kid has written it. But the colors (magenta and blue) are really pretty and you can't look at dogs and not smile -- well, at least, I can't.

Originality: 3

I feel like I've seen a lot of dogs like this. I do like the colors and feel like the card is definitely geared toward teenagers -- which isn't an audience I see targeted too much in the card section.

Text: 3

The font on the front is definitely hard to read -- not really a card for a little kid even though dogs with hats are on the front. The inside is a simple, legible "happy birthday" (not capitalized). I really like the sparseness of the inside.

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I personally never buy greeting cards. Taylor Swift is a brand, so I think it's OK for her to use her name. It shows that she's more than just a singer. 


When are we going to get Rage Against the Machine greeting cards???


These cards are great for birthdays and friendly gifts.=)

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