Sareena Dominguez Is Taking a Little "Me Time" Before Next Album

For someone not even old enough to drink, Sareena Dominguez sure has accomplished a lot: After signing to the River Jones Music label less than a year and half ago, she's played South by Southwest, released an album (her debut, Moonbeams), and starred in a music video of the same name, directed by Laura Belle of Tobacco Films. But now, the Gilbert singer-songwriter is taking a step back and giving herself a little "me time."

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As eager as she is to move forward, indie/folk guitarist (think Courtney Marie Andrews or Michelle Blades, her labelmates at RJM) Dominguez says, "I haven't broken up with my old album yet . . . It's kinda weird, but that's how it feels."

"I want to nurture it as much as I can, instead of just putting it out and moving on to the next album really quick," Dominguez says. "As much as I want to do that, I just have to make sure that I feel like I've completed what I need to complete with Moonbeams."

In the meantime, Dominguez is playing shows here and there while planning for a tour with River Jones' newest label additions Technicolor Hearts, Bike Thief, Dry River Yacht Club, Sophia Duccini, and Alameda. During the week, she can be found working at a daycare center watching over screaming babies or attending community college to become a teacher. But what she'd like to do most of all is film a few more music videos.

Using Indiegogo, Dominguez raised a little over a grand to film her next videos, which she says she will start filming in a few months, after all the "perks" are mailed out.
"My goal was kinda crazy," Dominguez laughs. "But that was a thing where me and River were like, 'Meh, let's just do it. Let's just do $3,000 in five weeks.' It didn't really turn out, but honestly I didn't even expect to make as much money as I made . . . It was kind of a pain in the butt asking people. But it was worth it, and I'm totally ready to make a music video or two."

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