Saddles Gets Bitten By Electronic Bug

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George White and Charles Barth form Saddles.
If the flu virus is a filament-filled spiky sphere, I wonder what the electronic synth bug looks like.

By the sounds of things, Charles Barth of two-man group Saddles is the latest in a long line of musicians to be infected by the bug. His recently released single, "The Original" features some smartly programmed beats and brightly-tuned key tabs to go along with his folk-rock sensibilities.

With long time collaborator George White officially joining Saddles' lineup, the duo is ready to unleash a new record next month which will feature influences ranging from Toto to David Bazan.

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Up on the Sun: We haven't spoken in a minute. Can you get us caught up with what's been going on with you?

Charles Barth: The biggest news is probably that we finally finished making our new record, which is all mixed and mastered and ready to go. There were some financial mix-ups, but we finally figured it all out and were actually fortunate enough to work with "TW" Walsh of Pedro the Lion on the mastering end, which was super exciting for me. Besides being in my all-time favorite band, he's mastered a lot of really great records.

"The Original" has some pretty sweet synth sounds. Is that a step in a new direction for Saddles?

Yes, definitely. There are electronic sounds all over the new record. It's probably the part I'm most excited about.

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