Mr. P-Body: DJs Have Become Nothing but "Living, Breathing iPods"

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Peabody Scott (a.k.a. Mr. DJ P-Body)
Besides the likes of Pete "SuperMix" Salaz, Z-Trip, and Robbie Rob, few cats in the Valley epitomize old-school DJ culture than Peabody Scott. For more than 16 years, the performer known as Mr. P-Body has worked turntables at practically every major club -- both past and present -- in metro Phoenix including his legendary stints at Scottsdale spots like AZ/88, SIX Lounge, and Mickey's Hangover.

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And he's done so with class. Few of his fellow DJs would argue that Peabody is one of the more stylish selectors in town as he works every gig in his trademark porkpie hat, freshly pressed suit, and unfailingly clean Chuck Taylors. He also boasts some stylish skills on the ones and twos, as well as a refined taste for primo soul and classic rock, preferably on vinyl. Peabody recently spoke with Up on the Sun and shared his opinions on how DJs have become unappreciated by club patrons (basically becoming living, breathing iPods) and other reflections from his long career.

Name: Peabody Scott

AKA: DJ Mr. P-Body

Genres spun: Quite a few, from hip-hop to house to '80s and '90s to old school and downtempo, remixes and mash-ups. Oh, jeez, and rock.

Which are your favorites?
Preference is for those magical times when something you're in the mood for connects with the crowd. This may change frequently during a set or stay in one groove. It all depends on the vibe. If there was any preference, I tend to lean toward variety.

Current gigs:
[It's] constantly changing. I've become event-oriented in recent years. However, I've just begun rotating Thursday nights at Merc Bar, switching back and forth with William Reed, and I will once again be rocking pool parties at Hotel Valley Ho this spring and summer.

How did you get into the DJ game?
Coming out of the Tempe band scene, I became interested in sampling and produced a hip-hop album. The rappers said, "Hey, we need that guy behind us on turntables, so I bought a couple. After a few backyard parties, and some "sink or swim" training spinning at a legendary downtown spot, I somehow ended up doing it more and more.

And what legendary spot was that?
The building was called Jackson Hole, but the Saturday night promotion was called "The Vibe." I was starting on classic stuff like Digable Planets and A Tribe Called Quest but the club night morphed into . . . well, it changed as hip-hop changed into stuff like early Puff Daddy.

Where are some of the places you've spun over the years?
AZ88. MercBar. Hotel Valley Ho. Olive & Ivy. Mint. Radius. SIX Lounge. Mickey's Hangover. Tons of resorts, boutiques, etc.

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Hotel Valley Ho

6850 E. Main St., Scottsdale, AZ

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Up On The Sun
Up On The Sun

Thanks Ben. I thought it was a pretty fun read too. Appreciate the comment.

Ben Andersen
Ben Andersen

One of the most enjoyable dossiers in a while, nice interview Benjamin Leatherman!

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