Matt & Kim, Marquee Theatre, 3/9/13

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Taylor Moon
Matt & Kim

Matt & Kim @ Marquee Theatre|3/9/13

I woke up Saturday eager to see Matt and Kim. My boyfriend suggested passing some time by catching a movie. Hell, why not? So, off to Oz the Great and Powerful -- fucking worst movie I have ever put money toward. Oh, wait, my boyfriend paid. Whoops! Regardless, I was dependent on Matt and Kim redeem my day. They did, with a flurry of cussing, booty-shaking, and hilarious stories delivered to a sold-out crowd. Mila Kunis is no Kim; James Franco is no Matt.

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The duo took the stage to the sound of Baauer's "Harlem Shake." At the beginning of the show, drummer/vocalist/firecracker Kim Schifino stated there'd be two rules. "Number one: Have a fucking fun time. Number two: Get fucking laid. These are the reasons to go out every night," she stated. "Scientists will fucking quote me."

"Time to heat this motherfucker up," keyboardist/vocalist Matt Johnson said, explaining that though he'd been feeling ill -- and without much of a voice -- he was feeling great Saturday night.

The pair bounded into M&K classics like "Block After Block," "Good Ol' Fashioned Nightmare," and "Lessons Learned." The crowd's response to Matt and Kim's cocky, "do it yourself" attitude, along with their obvious musical talent, was unrestrained. The fans cheered, danced, and sang along like they were in the shower. No one cared how they looked or sounded. They wanted to cut loose, and they wanted to party. It's a sort of unself-conscious glee that you don't get to see much in indie rock circles.

M&K have a nack for dropping in some great "booty-shaking" tracks in between their songs, and there was no shortage of them at Marquee. "Do You Think You're Better Off Alone" by Alice DJ, "Let Me Clear my Throat" by DJ KOOL, and even "Move Bitch" by Ludacris. The flow of energy was peculiar and disorienting, as M&K's "Cameras" was cut off by Luda's feminist-favorite chorus, "Move bitch, get out the way." Matt and Kim's goofiness is untamable, and the crowd cheered with joy.

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My memory's foggy of that night, but I'm pretty sure that Matt was talking about how they had to cancel their October 23rd concert because he was sick, was rescheduled to March 9th, and now he was feeling great. He wasn't sick recently.


@ilovemyeel He said he was feeling sick that night. Actually when I spoke with him a few weeks ago prior to this show, he was saying that he had been fighting off a cold since they were touring up north in blizzard weather conditions. (: 


@tmmoon Wow! Definitely wouldn't have guessed he was sick in the least! Amazing show.

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