Matt & Kim Make the Best NSFW Videos Ever

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Caleb Kuhl
Matt & Kim
Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino do whatever they want. They play with whatever kind of bands they want, they get naked in videos, they do the "Harlem Shake," and they picked a band name, Matt & Kim, that immediately establishes their singular style of indie/pop.

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Up on the Sun: I almost went to Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, where you and Kim both went to school and met. I was always interested in an arts school on the collegiate level. Around 2007 or 2008, I found you guys.

Matt Johnson: That's awesome you were there basically during that time. I think it so much defines everything -- what this band is all about. I mean, how do you grow from playing at parties and still continue the party as you play at bigger and bigger places?

Did you really record your first record for Fader, Grand , in your childhood bedroom?

Oh, yeah! [Laughs] Oh, yeah! My parents never took down all my skateboarding posters that were all over the walls. My bed still had a Thunder Cats pillowcase on it, right there. Now we have a gold record on the wall from that. I did not expect that. I mean, we did that in Vermont in January, freezing as well, because there's no heat in the bedroom.

You guys have really evolved. I can't deny how fucking hilarious and awesome your "Harlem Shake" video is. Whose idea was it to come up with this YouTube hit?

I've been a fan of Baauer and that song for a while, before [the viral craze]. I was just looking at some website and a thing came up and I remember seeing, "Head hog does the Harlem Shake." I was like, "What the hell is this?" That video was just stupid. [Laughs]. But then I saw a whole bunch of other fun ones. Kim was like, "We should do this on stage, tonight." And we did. Within an hour after we did it, it went online.

It's hysterical. Probably my favorite one. Now, I don't know why a box is on your head and Kim starts off texting and then just loses it later. No, but seriously why a box?

Well, the box, I mean when I was watching it, everyone was wearing a helmet to begin with in the videos. I had no helmet on tour. I checked in my closet on the bus and that bin had all my socks and underwear in it, so I just emptied it out. "This will work!"

The box almost fell off in the video but you caught it.

[Laughs] Yeah!

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Kit Hunn
Kit Hunn

I think you meant "SFW" kiddos.

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