How Did the FBI Determine the Juggalos Were a Gang?

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American Juggalo Screengrab
By Paul T. Bradley

For those among you who are "down" and perhaps for those who are not, you know that much brouhaha was made by the FBI's inclusion of Juggalos -- ie fans of Insane Clown Posse -- in their 2011 National Gang Threat Assessment. This, of course, put them in the same category as well-organized Mexican-helmed narco machines, Bloods, Crips, meticulously tiered Russian mafia syndicates, and the intricately ordered, centuries-old Chinese Triads and Japanese Yakuza.

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But why? For what reason would a motley family of painted fans be considered a national menace? Well, thanks to the recently-fulfilled Freedom of Information Act filing made on behalf of ICP and lawsuits related to the FBI's assessment, we now know the truth. And it will shock you.

A fine glass of Faygo
Ok. It probably won't. In point of fact, what the FBI has on Juggalo Nation amounts to nothing more than a warm dish of flat diet Shasta. Behold their summary it in all its toothlessness.

While much of the document is redacted, the organization's conclusions and hard evidence comes in the form of externally produced news bits from around the country about various juggalo-perpetrated crimes.

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Starting out with grand intentions -- promising the use of, "traditional and sophisticated techniques and working in partnership with local, state and federal investigators" -- the FBI agent then sent a mass email. To everyone he or she knew in national law enforcement.

The results are high comedy. One particularly enlightening section comes from the "Northeast Wisconsin Gang Assessment" which is about as amusing as having a "Central Saharan Ice Hockey Assessment." It talks about Juggalos and their menacing behavior in Sheboygan, which may or may not include (gasp) marijuana cigarettes. Sheboygan, for the record, hosts the country's largest bratwurst eating contest. Seems like synergy more than anything else.

Many of the articles cited as sources rely on hearsay and blind conjecture. Hilariously, and apropos of nothing, hand-written in the margins are the words "child porn / murder." The report even includes a printout of the article's online comments section -- clearly the font of not only intelligent discourse but rational, empirical evidence, right?

An article from the Seattle Times contends that, "Sheriff's Detective Jake Pavlovich wrote in his report that Juggalo gang members typically wear suits and fedora-style hats to identify themselves as members." Uh, guys, I think you're confusing this assailant with the long-since squashed Chicago Outfit.

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This is stupid. So is ICP, but that's another topic. Are Grateful Dead fans a gang? If so I may need to get tatted up. Any other candidate bands out there?

Jeffrey Wade
Jeffrey Wade

ICP is nothing more than the American version of YOBOs. And the FBI, many times, shows themselves to be the American version of the Keystone Cops (or Kops if you're a traditionalist).


This isn't a joke, and you have no idea what you're talking about. Most Juggalos are innocent music fans, but the FBI included them on the gang list because Juggalo gangs are indeed real.

As in, Juggalo gangs with gang initiations, gang handbooks, gang colors, and gang signs.

As in, Juggalo gangs that sell drugs, commit drive-by shootings, and hack people up with machetes, hatchets, butcher knives, and medieval battle axes.

As in, Juggalo gangs that have been known to work with Bloods, Crips, Gangster Disciples, Surenos, and the Aryan Brotherhood, and are now holding their own in a gang war against MS-13. (And no, posting a picture of some random fatass doesn't invalidate the latter. You have to use actual facts and logic.)

As in, Juggalo gangs that really kill people and take them away from their loved ones forever.

The majority of the FBI document that you're referring to was redacted, and some 70 pages weren't even released at all. This is not all that the FBI has on Juggalos by a long shot.

It might sound ridiculous, but these things are really happening, and when you publish an ignorant article like this one, you're sheltering a dangerous criminal conspiracy that needs to be exposed. If you think that this is a joke, talk to someone who has lost a friend or family member to Juggalo gang violence. Do you really think that first degree, premeditated, gang murder is a joke?


@MandyMountain If Grateful Dead fans started forming groups that were committing revenge murders and drive-by shootings, and which were working with Bloods, Crips, Gangster Disciples, the Aryan Brotherhood, and Surenos to traffic drugs, and which were at war with MS-13, and which had unique gang signs, gang initiations, gang colors, and gang territory, then yes, those groups would be considered gangs.

The FBI wasn't referring to garden-variety ICP fans in its report. Juggalo gangs are real, and they laugh when they read ignorant comments like yours. You obviously haven't done any research on this subject.


@annertown I have Listened to ICP for the last 15 years. Yup painted my face up like them and even played their Music so loud it shook the windows. I own a hatchet cause I live on a farm. I do have a Hatchet man on the back of my window. I have a great job never done drugs, I do have a couple of drinks on the weekend, but I have never thought of beating, robbing, stealing, or killing someone. I have never been in a fight, And I Listen to Icp if not daily, every other day.  The people going out saying they did it because of the music, had it in them before Icp even came to be part of their FAM. What about all the dykes and boys looking like Justin Beiber, they got Beiber fever is that a gang, NO. What about people dressing up on Halloween as these killers.. If everyone dressed as Jason, freddy, or saw. Since there are so many of them. Wouldn't they be called a GANG. They like to scare people and look like a Killer. I know you have dressed up like something on Halloween whether it be a killer or model or whatever, but did it make you want to do crazy things. Get ya head out of ya butt and let Music be Music.


@annertown Christians do all these things. Should the FBI consider all christians a gang?

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