Drunk Dial Wants to Take Over the Scottsdale EDM Scene

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Steven "Slippe" Lueder and Jesse Hudson aren't lacking for ambition. The duo, who come together to create EDM bangers under the name Drunk Dial -- are quick to tout what makes their EDM different from most of what's out there.

"The way I like to describe it is like, 'If Afrojack had sex with The Weeknd and had a baby, it would be Drunk Dial," Lueder says.

It's not just an advanced sound the duo has locked in their sights: They want to take over the party wonderland that is Scottsdale, Arizona. We dove in to discuss actual drunk dialing, avoiding EDM tropes, and working with unsigned Arizona talent in this installment of DJ Dossier.

Names: Steven "Slippe" Lueder and Jesse Hudson

AKA: Drunk Dial

Genres: Drunk Dial straddles multiple genres, Hudson says. "The heart of everything we do is EDM-based, but it has more of a pop crossover feel," he says. "Most of it is electro-house, but it's all based around the songs in the format of pop."

So what exactly is Drunk Dial?

Lueder: In July of 2012, I was introduced to Jesse in the club, and he's a producer and mad scientist in the studio. I expressed to him that I had a bunch of connections in the music game, that I needed the product to get to these people. So me and him collaborated, and our idea was to create a full 12-track EDM album using all unsigned Arizona talent.

Why is the project called Drunk Dial?

Lueder: So when it came to trying to find a name, we wanted a name that represented our music. And we felt in EDM, a lot of it was so happy and just kinda -- I don't want to say fake -- but it its all about love, love, love, love, love.

How much love is that?

Lueder: A lot. And it was like, we're not loving all the time. We're sad at some times and we're happy at other times, so let's just write some dance music that has some real heart to it. And the name Drunk Dial describes us because we party, and the Drunk Dial part of it shows that we have kind of a soft side or an emotional side. Do you know what I'm saying?

Um, we think so. Do you mean a soft spot for the ladies or do y'all pet kittens while producing tracks?

Lueder: [Laughs] Actually, I do have two cats that are always in the studio with us. No, but we wanted something that said "party" but that also said that we're giving real emotion in our music. We're writing songs with emotional depth, not just "I love the world, I love the sky, I love the sun." We're writing songs about stuff that's relevant, like relationships, relationship games with people, girls saying, "Don't fall in love with me" to a guy in a song, or the guy saying, "I walked through the club and I saw this girl in red and I can't keep her off my mind." It's not just a transactional EDM song, it's a calculated song that's written with emotion, but we still like to get drunk and have a good time.

So going wild out and going wild over some chica?
Lueder: Falling in love on a dance floor, that kind of stuff. Just the kind of relationship games that young people play with each other. We kinda doing that kind of style to an EDM beat.

Hudson: Drunk words, sober thoughts. I think it's really honest when it comes to the what we write about. All the way to once you're done with the party, you're at home getting ready to crash in the bed, you're fucked up, and you're on the phone. Who you gonna call?


Hudson: No. [Laughs] You're gonna call your ex-girlfriend, that girl you've been texting or whatever.

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GO BIG OR GO HOME! haha. nice Slippe.

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