Club Candids: Super Bowl Sunday (Post Super Bowl) @ Zuma

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Melissa Fossum
She may be a Niners fan, but she is pretty cute.
The night following Super Bowl is a weird time. A bunch of people are probably passed out at home, or on their new best friend's floor. It's not exactly a busy time for nightlife, believe it or not, a couple folks kept raging. Depending on who you were rooting for, last Sunday was either a depressing or a triumphant time -- we got a little bit of both in this week's installment of Club Candids: Super Bowl Sunday (Post Super Bowl) at Zuma in Tempe.

Melissa Fossum
Football schmootball.

Mill Avenue was a little busier than usual for a Sunday night. Zuma was one of the hotspots, as fans in 49ers garb seemed to be drowning their sorrows with cocktails and dancing. There seemed to be no such thing as a sore loser, as the Niners fans all appeared to be in good spirits.

Melissa Fossum
We found your happy Ravens fans.

The staggering amount of Niners fans was a bit odd. We didn't spot a single Ravens jersey, though we did find Packers, Browns, and Diamondbacks fans, so go figure. The evening wasn't entirely focused on football, as the bar was packed with coeds catching up on gossip and busting a move to top 40 hits. We ventured to Zuma Grill & Lounge on Sunday, February 3. Check out the shenanigans in this week's Club Candids slideshow.

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Zuma Grill & Lounge

605 S. Mill Ave., Tempe, AZ

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