Warped Tour's 2013 Line Up Has Been Posted-- And It's Just "Okay"

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Melissa Fossum
Fans attempting to cool off at Warped Tour 2012.
The Warped Tour lineup was released yesterday afternoon, and while we were (foolishly) hoping that Kevin Lyman would have a change of heart and model the long-running festival after something like Punk Rock Bowling or The Fest, the lineup, unsurprisingly, still caters to Hot Topic tweens.

There are two noticeable improvements on the ticket sale page, the first being the drop in ticket prices. I don't mean to play the "back in my day" card, but I do remember tickets being right around $30 ten years ago. The second piece of good news is the change in venue. This year's festival will be held at Quail Run Park in Mesa, which is hopefully an improvement over last year's poorly arranged baseball stadium.

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MC Lars: how could you not love someone with an EP dedicated to Edgar Allan Poe?

In my Warped Roadies interview, I was informed by Warped sponsorship manager Kate Truscott that the festival's target audience was 16-24, officially making me too damn old to be interested in the festival. The age disparity is telling: I don't know who most of these bands are, but here is what I do know.

I've chatted with both The Story So Far and Man Overboard in the past. Both play fairly whiny run of the mill pop punk, but the ladies seem to love 'em.

Wallpaper. is cool and I genuinely have no idea why the rapper/multi-instrumentalist is on the tour, but the kids can finally get introduced to the "fucking best song everrr." Similarly, The Black Dahlia Murder is a weird stand out act since they are considerably heavier than the standard Warped Tour screamo band.

Apparently Warped Tour is going for hip-hop cred this year, as Mac Lethal and MC Lars are surprising additions to the tour. Plus, MC Lars has collaborated with Dead Milkmen and Nerf Herder, and that's pretty rad and plenty punk rock. The strangely titled RDGLDGRN (produced "red gold green") is off to an auspicious start with a little help from Dave Grohl. The trio plays a nifty mix of upbeat rock with random bits of hip-hop that sounds promising. A last.fm comment sums it up best: "It's like Gym Class Heroes, only not shitty."

We've got some Arizona love with Scottsdale's emo/power pop hybrid The Summer Set joining the tour as well. And for a dose of nostalgia, some of the biggest names on the line up include Big D and the Kids Table, Hawthorne Heights, The Early November, and Motion City Soundtrack. Is Big D and the Kids Table not enough ska for you? Don't sweat it: Reel Big Fish is also on the lineup.

Check out the full line up on page two.

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I saw Big D and the Kids Table at the Clubhouse in Tempe a couple years back and they put on a hell of a show.

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