Vagabond Gods, Rogue Bar, 2/2/13

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Troy Farah
Vagabond Gods

Vagabond Gods @ Rogue Bar|2/2/13
For a band like Vagabond Gods, Rogue Bar is the perfect place: rough around the edges, obscure, uh, rogue. As we've talked about before, lead singer/screamer and guitarist Bryant Vazquez also divides his time between three other projects.

First, there's Sedona's decker., where Vazquez plays bass, saying he's found a "musical counterpart" in Brandon. Then, there's Murdoch, played with Flagstaff locals and Vazquez's roommates, who also opened for this show. Vazquez also does solo material under his own name and finally, there's Vagabond Gods, a two-piece with Chris Vazquez, Bryant's older brother.

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Them Savages opened up the night, which acted as an EP release for Vagabond Gods. But lead singer Ben Velazco announced "my voice is fucked" so they only played two songs. That was OK, however, because that just meant Murdoch took over -- the Vazquezs, Velazco and Joshua Be simply switched instruments, playing hits off last year's 100 Beers EP.

them savages.JPG
Them Savages

Murdoch started off with "Kneel" and "Velvet," but for "Skull Like A Swamp," Velazco tried singing again. I don't know what his voice sounds like normally, but it sounded good and reminded me how hard singing is. How Vazquez's voice isn't fucked up is beyond me.
Next up was Field Tripp, who have improved greatly since I first saw them at Lost Leaf almost a year ago. The clarinet versus the didgeridoo is one weird, awesome touch. I could dig it. Their sound has taken a more shoegaze approach than I recall, so I was thinking of My Bloody Valentine and their new album and how their site crashed and I haven't gotten to listen to it yet. I think that's a good evocation.
field tripp copy.JPG
Field Tripp

When Vagabond Gods came on, they gave out some more CDs, each stenciled with a picture of the album cover. DIY at it's best, I suppose. The Vazquez Brothers (which could also be their band name, if it isn't taken, ha) kicked into "Tonnage," a mixture of Nirvana and AC/DC. "Are we too loud?" Bryant asked. "Too bad."

Next, they played "Yeah, Yeah" which is a perfect bad breakup song. "You're not fooling anyone / especially yourself."

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Rogue Bar

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yeah that's definitely a clarinet and horizon i's bass amp in your pictures.


Them Savages didn't open the show. horizon i opened the show.


it's a clarinet....not an oboe.

also, the band name is Snake! Snake! Snakes!

do your research.


@Phxmusicdotcom @hello 

"huh huh being stupid is cool and being smart is NERDY"

you even got the opening band totally wrong. nice reporting skills.

unfortunately, what you post online as a writer for the PHOENIX NEW TIMES represents the people of phoenix. some of us aren't OK with you making us look like a bunch of uneducated hicks.

and i don't have to yell at my computer screen. as you can see, i'm correct, and people listen to me. so thank YOU for making the corrections.


@hello Oh bummer. Wasn't trying to be an "uneducated hick" about it, just joshing. I do appreciate the correction; I was just goofing around.

As for the opening band, I'll have to check with the writer assigned to this show. We're actually two different folks, but with all sincerity, I do appreciate when commenters call it like they see it. 

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