The Who, Arena, 2/6/13

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Melissa Fossum

Quadrophenia Setlist:

"I Am the Sea"
"The Real Me"
"Cut My Hair"
"The Punk And The Godfather"
"I'm One"
"The Dirty Jobs"
"Helpless Dancer"
"Is It In My Head?"
"I've Had Enough"
"Sea and Sand"
"Bell Boy"
"Doctor Jimmy"
"The Rock"
"Love Reign O'er Me"

Same Ol' Shit Setlist:

"Who Are You"
"Behind Blue Eyes"
"Pinball Wizard"
"Baba O'Riley"
"Won't Get Fooled Again"
"Tea and Theatre"

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Gila River Arena

9400 W. Maryland Ave., Glendale, AZ

Category: Music

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I was there. DID NOT here Pete say that. & even if he did, thats a ton of multi-media for "SHIT" songs.


Same old shit list. YOU ASSHOLE!! you will eat those words when they are dead & gone & you'll never get to hear them play those tunes again!!! You know it will be sooner than later. & for all the beleivers, the show was GREAT!

Bill Harris
Bill Harris

Your review was fine, the concert was more than any of us had hoped for. Great show!

Up On The Sun
Up On The Sun

Sorry you didn't dig Serene's review. I thought it was funny and insightful, but thanks for reading.

Alex Mineff
Alex Mineff

your opening comment is irritating to be honest.... Due to the date conflicting personally i went to Anaheim to see the show last week, but i found the opening of the entire review to quite annoying... although i guess in the end we agree on the show... i think this tour is quite refreshing .... shame San Diego and Phoenix haven't had Zac Starkey he was wonderful in Anaheim but you have to give the new guy filling in credit very difficult show and music in Quadrophenia to pull this off...


Well-written treatise as a review!


Very well-written review, except maybe NT wants to rethink having Serene freelance.  It really highlights how poor the staff writers at NT are these days.


"Same ol' shit" doesn't imply that the songs are "shit".  Reading comprehension is your friend.  Try it sometime!


@bradsbythe1st That was Pete Townshend, not the reviewer, who said it was the "same old shit." The writer clearly loved the show and should be eating ice cream, not his words.

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