Self.Destrukt on How Industrial and Aggrotech Are Perfect for the Brokenhearted

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Where have you performed locally?
[In] Tucson at Club Sanctuary a few different times, but only Phoenix aside from that. I haven't tried to book outside of the state yet, mostly due to the fact that we're always doing about 1,000 different things. But we have things coming up in L.A. [at Bar Sinister] and Austin [at Elysium] this year already though.

What's with the getups you and Defense.Mekanizm wear during gigs?
Other than themed nights when we try to dress up to match accordingly, that's just how we dress daily.

What's the craziest shit you've seen at an event?
When I first started DJing again in Phoenix, I was booked for Fight Club Sadisco* -- same rules as fight club, but at an event that everyone can enjoy. I have been apart of the S* crew for a few years now and they've done other Fight Club Sadisco* [events]. I believe the one I spun at was the fifth installment. It's always something crazy when it comes to Sadisco*.

What bygone club do you miss the most?
I never got a chance to experience everything that everyone else here in the scene did since I've only lived here about eight years on and off. I would have to say currently, it would be Sanctum. Because that place had a lot of potential but just never got to the place it needed to be at.

What misconceptions do people have about you, if any?
That I am not approachable and that I am usually don't sound as they imagine me sounding. Probably because I enjoy laughing and joking around a lot. But because I look they way I do I should be talking about goat slaughter and the sins of the damned of something. People I'm sure make many assumptions though.

Why do you stand out from other local DJs?
I think the fact that we are always wanting to progress sets us apart from other DJs. We enjoy spinning, but ultimately we are just spinning someone else's music. We plan on incorporating drum machines, original tracks by us, vocals, and other live mashups and remixes to mix things up. I personally know most of the DJs in our scene and I think they are great. But at times I think some don't want to progress as much as others, although it's really just a matter of opinion anyways.

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Cool article. Here's my version I thought to contribute! 

Aggrotech, industrial, elektro, terror EBM, and hard elektro - by SOLARIS.

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