Self.Destrukt on How Industrial and Aggrotech Are Perfect for the Brokenhearted

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Jeremiah Toller
Damion Malaki gets into the grind at Rogue Bar.
Valentine's Day might be fun for cutesy couples hellbent on Instagramming their every "ahhh"-inducing move, but for those flying solo, the Hallmark-marketed holiday can get real annoying, real quick. For those who've recently been dumped, it can get downright depressing.

The hard electro sounds DJ Self.Destrukt will be spinning along side fiancee Defense.Mekanizm at The Cupcake! Broken Hearts Ball at Rogue Bar in Scottsdale ought to help salve any dumped punk seeking a little refuge. We spoke to the goth/industrial selector for this week's installment of DJ Dossier.

Name: Damion Malikai

AKA: DJ Self.Destrukt

Preferred genres: Aggrotech, industrial, elektro, terror EBM, and hard elektro

Current gigs: Cupcake!, every second Friday at Rogue Bar; and Fallout.Shelter, every fourth Friday at Rogue Bar. All residencies I share along with the beautiful Defense.Mekanizm. Plus, we have other things in the works for this year aside from just those Fridays.

How did you get into the DJ game?
It started in the rave scene in Houston about 14 years ago. I was there every Saturday listening to the music and dancing. I loved how the DJs would seamlessly mix tracks so I couldn't tell when one ended and the other began. I ended up practicing on anything I could get a hold of. All vinyl back then. And I just kept going.

What's the explanation behind your nickname?
In the past I had always lived in a state of constant self-destruction, in some form or another. Not really thinking into the future because I never really saw a future with me in it, so my self-destructive tendencies never bothered me. I use the name now because I would not be who I am without having put myself through all of that.

Anyone make dumb jokes about your nickname and the NIN song "Mr. Self Destruct" because of the genres you spin?
Surprisingly, no. Not that it would bother me. I take jokes directed at me with a grain of salt. Some people take themselves to seriously.

Why do you dig those particular sounds?
Primarily the bass. I've always been a bass junkie, but the rasp of the vocals and the dark sounds associated with the genres are also a big part. There is just something about that I can't resist.

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Rogue Bar

423 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ

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Cool article. Here's my version I thought to contribute! 

Aggrotech, industrial, elektro, terror EBM, and hard elektro - by SOLARIS.

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