Club Candids: "Harlem Shake" Dance Off at School of Rock

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Melissa Fossum

School of Rock's name is a little deceptive--Jack Black doesn't hang out at the Tempe bar and legendary guitarists aren't on hand to teach ASU students how to rock. On Saturday nights, the bar is only "rock" in name, though being located above Fascinations is pretty bangin' (pun intended).

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Melissa Fossum
Saturday nights are some of the busiest evenings at School of Rock, as the bar is packed wall to wall with coeds looking to dance. Every week, 101.5 Jamz DJs broadcast live from the bar, attracting tons of dancing patrons. Things took an interesting turn on Friday, February 16, as the bar hosted a live taping of the "Harlem Shake." We're not sure who the masked dancer at the beginning will be, but a dance floor full of guests, go go dancers, and a guy in a motorcycle helmet is sure to be promising.

Melissa Fossum
DJ Chris Villa was on hand to drop modern hip- hop hits, effortlessly transitioning from "Harlem Shake" to Kanye West and Jay-Z's "Paris," resulting in plenty of guys showing how they can "ball so hard."

We swung by School of Rock last Saturday to do the Harlem Shake. Check out the shenanigans in this week's Club Candids slideshow.

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